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We are a national company that provides full-service background screening and drug testing products and services.

Our background screening is as comprehensive as it gets! A cost effective solution to ensuring a stringent pre-hire process by screening out candidates who do not meet your quality-based requirements. We have access to over 200 million databases for virtually instant screening information and also provide verification information work history, education, motor vehicle.

We have developed a comprehensive Drug-Free Workplace  program that discourages drug abuse and has proven to enhance the productivity and profitability of companies through less absenteeism, tardiness and cost savings in healthcare and workers’ compensation. We offer on-site or laboratory testing solutions.

Our in-home drug detection program not only discourages drug abuse for children from using and abusing drugs, but actually increases communication within the family. We start with education about drug and alcohol abuse. Our program is a complete approach to educating the family and preventing drug abuse which also includes a “Family Pledge” to strengthen the bond and commitment towards a workable solution.

We provide US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) cleared drug testing kits. These kits are accurate, safe, and meet the same standards established by the United States Department of Transportation for drugs of abuse testing. The kits test for marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine and opiates.

We believe in the motto “Prevent and Deter”.


Leaders in providing the tools that deter workplace violence and prevent drug use.

We offer a wide range of instant drug tests and have affiliations with the leading Drug Testing Laboratories. Over 75 different types of drug tests available.

Bringing state-of-the-art background screening technology to your workplace.

Our on-line background screening ordering system is simple and fast! Once you place your background search order, the system does the rest. We can even set up your Defender Series screening package so you can quickly and efficiently order your most routine background checks with just one-click.


Our compliance is managed by a licensed Private Investigator who ensures background check information is accurate before it gets to you, the user. We work in a competitive business and the only way we can sustain is by proving that we stand behind our products.

Selecting Verify Network as your background screening and drug testing provider is an honor and we will prove that you have made the right choice.


Without reliability, you have nothing. Honesty is the best policy and at Verify Network we follow that creed. If we say we will do it, it’s done.

As a consumer, why should you have to pay for something that doesn’t give you the satisfaction it’s intended. We have try and buy programs where we offer a Free background screening or a Free 5 or 10 Panel Pre-Employment Drug Test just to give us a try.


We hate to wait and so should you. When you reach out for our help, we want to be there. This isn’t lip service, but a guarantee. Like any other business, we do run particular business hours, but emergencies take precedence.

At Verify Network we strive to exceed expectations and although there are times that a particular need is not within our complete control, you can rest assured that we are doing all we can to make it happen.

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DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Drug Testing & Breath Alcohol Testing

Certified Collectors and Breath Alcohol Technicians (BAT) are available to come to your site to perform testing in accordance with 49 CFR Part 40. Our BAT can perform initial and confirmation testing on site for immediate results. The DOT takes this program very serious and so do we. Our Technicians are trained and ready. Contact us for more details.



Full service means that we offer almost every type of background check including Credit Checks, InstaEviction and FICO Scores for Landlords and Property Managers. We conduct Verifications, Motor Vehicle Reports, Professional Licenses, CDLIs and more. Our Criminal Checks are thorough and all of our checks are in full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Visit our Background Screening page for more details.



Order items individually or by the case. Instant drug tests are maintained in a temperature controlled warehouse to ensure they stay fresh and ready for delivery right to your door. Although Instant Drug Tests are exclusively used for established drug and rehab centers, they are also perfect if you want to self manage your company’s in-house drug testing program and receive fast results. View available products on our Product Catalog page or contact us to request a catalog.



We have all the tools you’ll need to set up a Drug Free Workplace. We help you every step of the way by providing all the forms, tools and training guides to ensure a smooth transition for your employees and managers. Not only will your company, customers and employees benefit from a Drug Free Workplace, but in most cases, you’ll receive a discount up to 5 percent on your Workers’ Comp insurance. For more information visit our Drug Free Workplace page.



We supply DNA Paternity/Maternity Test Kits and have affiliations with the leading DNA and Hair Follicle laboratories in the country. We offer both legal and non-legal DNA Testing. While legal DNA tests are admissible in a Court of Law, non-legal DNA tests are not, but provide the same level of better than 99.99% accuracy. Hair Follicle Testing has been noted as extremely accurate with a detection scale of up to 90 days.



Our In Home Drug Testing Kits come with everything you’ll need as a concerned parent who wants to get their teens back on track. Drug experimentation is common amongst peers, for most, they leave it behind, but some need added support and lots of love to turn-around. The kit comes with drug tests and literature that guides parents through the difficult process. Visit our In Home Drug Test page to learn more.

Verify Network provides employment background checks, drug testing and LSCAN fingerprint services.

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