That’s right, you heard me correctly. If your company hasn’t joined the ranks of others who believe that pre-hire background screenings is an important step towards an effective risk management program you might not want to waste your time and money.


wasting timeSome industries have a very strict governmental requirement to perform background checks; but for most private companies, big or small, this is a choice decision to enforce such a policy.

A statistical survey conducted by Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) indicated that 30% of all business failures are due to employee theft and related forms of dishonesty. While 51% of all resumes, applications, and references provided by applicants contain inaccurate information.

This data may have relevance, my advice is that you don’t bother wasting your time and money on background screenings if your business falls into any of the 10 reasons listed below.

1. You are closing your business within the next 6 months.
Obviously if you plan to go out of business this would be a waste of resources. Enough said.

2. You don’t have any employees nor do you plan to hire any.

Another reason to not bother with a background check. However, if you are a contractor of others that perform a domestic service, for example, you contract Cleaners for either residential homes or offices, you should probably reconsider conducting a background check. Your client’s would feel more secure.

3. You prefer to trust your “gut instinct” completely in your hiring decision.

We all like to believe that our “gut” or conscience will drive us to the right decision—however, it takes one time for your gut to misguide you into a costly disaster. Trust, but verify.

4. You’ve been lucky so far in your hiring of “trusted” employees.

Luck can run out. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, you have witnessed those that also feel luck is on their side—until the house wins. Background screening is not a wedge between management and employees, it’s a precautionary method that proves you care enough about your businesses and employees safety.

5. Your employees are referrals by friends and you’re not comfortable running a background check.

If a background check is standard operating procedure in your company; run it. Let me be blunt, how well do you know your neighbors or the secrets they keep?

6. Your business is family-owned and only has family members employed.

This might sound like a no-brainer; however, again, if your business provides a domestic service that involves entering or being around people’s homes, it provides security for your customer who don’t know your family. Also, background information can reveal identity theft or wrong information that needs to be corrected.

7. Your business can’t afford to wait on the results of a background check.

Technology and the lightning speed of computers has changed the wait time on the flow of data making most background checks instant. However, there are rare times when a background check can take anywhere from a day to up to 10 days.

In very rare instances, such as international checks, they can take a week up to 30 days on some. Overall, waiting of a few days is worth it…this only means that information is being verified for accuracy.

If your “gut” is screaming “hire”, consider hiring temporarily under the conditions of the background check results. Bear in mind that the hiring paperwork will probably take as long to process as the background check.

8. Your employees work from home.

If your employees don’t have any access to your assets which include an office, money, computers, customers, etc. a background check might sound unreasonable.

When most people think of background checks, they typically think criminal history; however, conducting verification checks such as Professional References or Past Employment are also background checks. Work habits and personality traits are workplace factors to consider.

9. Your computer savvy and prefer to “Google” the information yourself.

It’s hard to get by today in the business world without some computer skills. Google is probably one of the best resources we acquired in the information age.

Googling might give you some information on a person along with county websites; but the time and effort to consolidate all the information isn’t worth it. Background checks utilize a person’s name, birth-date and social security number as identifiers. It matches the information and pulls all of the places they’ve lived over the past seven to 10 years in an instant.

10. The Background Check paperwork is confusing and can cause a lawsuit if mishandled.

While this has been an issue for some companies who didn’t follow federal and state background screening guidelines, they are few and far between. The administration of a background is actually very simple and using a third-party company to assist in the consultation will help ensure you are following the most up-to-date compliance laws.

There you have it. Unless mandated, the decision to not waste your time and money on background screenings is ultimately up to you. I provided some of the top reasons a company contemplates this decision; but also provided some other reasons to reflect. A safe workplace is a happy workplace.

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