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Solo-preneuring is Not for Everybody

Solo-preneur is a term that I stumbled across that classifies those people in business for themselves and typically by themselves. Let’s face it; some people are not cut out for solo-preneuring while others are very successful. Some are just best suited to stay in the workforce. I get it. We all want to take a shot at our own business…and believe it or not, there are plenty of opportunities to start one. However, before making the majestic leap of faith into the world of self-employment; consider...
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Giving Up Your Keys

Suppose a complete stranger came to your house and knocked on the door. When you answered, they politely introduced themself and shared a few personal stories. Some of the stories might be hard luck while others are surrounded around what a good person they are. They then ask if they can move in to your house. Would this interaction incline you to hand them the keys to your house? My gut feeling is that your answer would be NO. Well, guess what? When you hire someone...
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Is Visualization Really the Secret to Success?

As business owner of Verify Network Background Screening, I decided to dust off some of my success books and re-read the highlights. One of those books being the worldly renowned Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill written somewhere in the 1930’s. This book is touted as a gift to the business-minded person and the secret for the success of many who followed its strategies. I found myself in a bit of a quandary as I thumbed through the pages; the chapter on visualization. Almost all...
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