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Workplace Drug Testing Services

Regardless of the economic climate two elements remain vital to running a successful business: trimming costs and increasing employee productivity. Verify Network can help you do both.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Department revealed that an average 10 percent of the work force is impaired on the job because of substance abuse.  Drug use costs employers an average of $11,000 a year per abuser, according to the Department of Labor.  I’m sure if you look at your workforce, you can see that the math suggests this is a serious issue that deserves your attention.  You may feel confident in your current employees, but what about the prospective ones?

There only way to be certain they are honest and that is to test for drug use.

“Don’t assume anyone in your organization is immune to the problem of drug and alcohol abuse.”

From your own exposure to TV and newspapers and the Internet, you may already be aware that drug abuse costs business owners over $100 billion dollars annually.  But many employers feel a false sense of security when they observe little direct evidence of illicit drugs in their workplace.

Drug use among employees often masquerades as the normal pitfalls of doing business: absenteeism, lost production, health costs and theft.  Here is why we feel the odds are high that these “normal” losses need to be addressed by professionals:

75% of adult drug users are employed. 

80% of them steal from their employers. 

65% of all work-related accidents are due to their drug use.

Smaller size businesses tend to be most prone to this problem since they typically don’t have this type of program in place.

Most instant tests are fast and accurate and can be purchased directly and because we have affiliations with laboratories in almost every location; we can service nationally.

Knowing is always better.  And yes—money can buy you peace of mind—far less money that you may have thought.

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Verify Network provides employment background checks, drug testing and LSCAN fingerprint services.

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